May 26, 2010


Be Bold!

Live with what excites you and makes your eyes light up and your heart skip a beat!

I love color and I have learned to be bold over the years. If I had to pick something that describes me it would be this:
It's bright, it's funky, it's different, and most importantly, I feel a rush of energy every single time I see it ,and then want to create. It inspires me.

 It is a very small wallhanging, measuring only 18 X 27, that I made for my second daughter over ten years ago. It had been tucked away for safe keeping during moves and other life adventures, and I came upon it again just recently. It is hand pieced (applique) and hand quilted.

It is actually her artwork captured in fabric. She had taken an art class and  had made an abstract drawing in pencil. I took that drawing, enlarged it somewhat, and taking into consideration her personality and her color loves ( and mine of course..I couldn't help it!) , I created this piece for her. It is titled Imagination.

I have taken more risks with color since moving to our log home, which being one palette. . .wood. . . just calls out to me for more vibrancy and zest!  One of these days I will show you many of the colors and the *funkiness* with which we live. . .and love!

Right now I am going to hang this *Imagination*  in sight until my daughter comes and reclaims it for her new place :)

What is it that describes YOU or excites you? Is there a color you LOVE but are afraid to take a risk? Start small. Paint something in that color for the garden. Paint the inside of your cabinet so that when you open it, your heart races. 

Be bold, and  be happy!


Sharon Lovejoy said...

OH, I love the quilt, the meaning behind it, the brilliant colors, and the fact that it is a reflection of YOU! I can see why you'd be inspired every time you see it. I AM too!

Love from the road,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Valarie said...

I love the bold colors of this quilt and the fact that you daughter did the artwork makesit so special. What a wonderful talent you are to turn this into such a lovely quilt for her new home. It's so inspiring.

Beth said...

Great advice to hear today! I have been feeling low and I think playing with color would do me some good! Fortunately, our home is full of color, and that helps. I'm very inspired, too, by this wonderful wallhanging which you did. love, Beth

Unknown said...

I love your quilt and the fact that it's an " original" design made by one of your daughter's. One of the many blessings of being a mother is how our children (if we let them ) can inspire us to be the artists we were meant to be!
It's you to a T!

marcia said...

Thank you everyone. I appreciate all your very sweet comments.

I am inspired daily by the colors around me AND my very creative children.

happy day!