May 27, 2010


The newest members of our farm, Romeo and Juliet, are adored by the children. 
Who can resist kittens ?

They play together and then the two kittens go off for another slumber time. After all, growing takes a great deal of energy.

Soon they are ready to play again!

We decided to make a very simple toy to use when they woke.
The children tied a long piece of ribbon to a jingle bell. It was good practice for them tying knots.

Then they tied shorter pieces of ribbon onto the long ribbon.
They were quite happy with the result,
and so was someone else!

The children were so proud they had made a useful toy, and had great fun playing with the kitten.


Ariella said...

so cute!!! who can resist photos like this??!

TwigandToadstool said...

Kittens are just marvelous aren't they!? We have a playful little kitty here too, named Marshmellow, (no she isn't white...she's black and white...Ruby says she's a burnt marshmellow)! I think we may have to craft her a little kitty toy tomorrow.

Librarians said...

I love your blog, it is the most creative and beautiful one I've ever come across. I recognize, in one of your photos, the same tissue paper on glass "pencil holder" that my sons made when they were in Montessori. I would like to know if you created this blog format on a mac or if you are using blogger to do this, if you don't mind sharing. Your work is just amazing - and refreshing. You bring nature back to the virtual world!

marcia said...

Hi Librarians,
Thank you so much for your kind comment.

I am using Blogger..just a simple template. The borders came from

All the photos are my own.

happy day!