May 23, 2010


My Sunday Stroll today took me to my daughter's graduation from college today, the fourth child to graduate, and two more children in another decade or so.

The day was warm and the sky was cloud covered, giving us a respite from the hot sun. The sun did come out in all its glory but there was shade under the trees if one needed a break from its rays, like the little children who also needed to listen to all the long speeches in comfort.

       Most all the family was in attendance! ( We miss you Chuck!)

The message of the day:
One person can make a difference. Everyone should give it a try.

( see the tall blonde at the top of the hill at the left)
People were not the only ones interested in the festivities. Something clouded the sky above my head and came to rest in the crook of the tree and stayed for quite awhile.
And one of the speeches had to stop for a moment as a flock of Canadian geese circled the skies, around and around above the graduates as if to say
 "Today you have been given wings. . . so FLY"

The day was glorious

 Congratulations to my girl from a very proud and happy mom.


Marcie said...

What a beautiful day. I love the participation of the birds and the skies in the celebration of life. Congratulations to your daughter!

softearthart said...

How wonderful it is to see ones children achieve in the things that are important to them, cheers Marie

Valarie said...

Congratulations on your daughters graduation. What did she major in? It looks like you had a beautiful day and that hawk is stunning. Best wishes to you daughter and her happiness.

marcia said...

Thank you everyone.

Hi Valarie,
She majored in elementary ed/graphic design/fine arts.

She got *red-shirted* in basketball cuz she broke her foot and had an extra year of eligibility which gave her time to fine tune her aspirations.

She decided on the art vs teaching, and was able to take those additional art courses she wanted.

She has a graphic design job in Boston this summer.