May 15, 2010


Storytelling is universal. Children are born storytellers with their immense imaginations and their sense of wonder.

Marilyn, The Toymaker, has some delightful puppets to print out for the children. 
The finger puppets are adorable and so are the mermaid and friends.

Imagine the little children having a magical time , creating dialogue with their characters outdoors on the grass, under the trees or even in the sand. The children can play while  parents tend to the garden or other outdoor tasks nearby.

To make the puppets last longer with little children, print them on heavier paper and cover with clear contact paper. And if they don't work well on little fingers, you can always tape them to popcicle or craft sticks, and even stick them in little balls of clay to stand upright.

Savor each moment with the children and enJOY ! 


Marcie said...

Those are really cute! We got some great print out items from author and illustrator Jan Brett through the years too. I love it when artists are so generous with their gifts. :)

Valarie said...

I just love Marilyn and her toymaker site. Enjoy your storytelling.

Amy said...

This is a great idea.

Bri loves to use her story telling skills.

Have a wonderful day.

angelina said...

my son is 5 and tells the most brilliant little stories:: its a window inside of their little heads, listening.xx