May 14, 2010


Do you have any slippers in woodlands or thickets near you?
One of the joys of spring is the Lady Slipper.

                                  It is also called a moccasin flower . It is beautiful and very unique .

Graceful and tall the slender drooping stem,
With two broad leaves below,
Shapely the flower so lightly poised between,
And warm its rosy glow  ~Elaine Goodale

~Invite the children to take a closer look with a magnifying glass and notice all the parts of the flower.  Look closely at the leaves too.
~Ask : Who visits this flower?  Where is the pollen?  How do they get to it ? What do you think of this kind of slipper?
~Provide the children with sketch pads and colored pencils and let them draw what they see.

We all see something differently when we look at a flower just like we all have our own opinions and thoughts. The more children discover and watch the natural world and draw what they see, the more observant they will become in all aspects of their lives.

~Read to the children this delightful book, The Legend of the Lady Slipper by Lise Lung-Larson and Margi Preus

The illustrations are beautiful and are filled to the brim with color!

Perhaps YOU can  search for some slippers in woodlands near you!


Amy said...

This is wonderful.

Thank you also for visiting my blog. I just put program pics on it from my daughter's school program.

Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

I was so excited to find some of these in the woods behind our house yesterday. Such a rare treat.