May 24, 2010


There is a small circular area of rocks where the frogs hang out. It's connected to our larger pond enabling the frogs to make a clean getaway if need be, but they prefer hanging out in here. The children just need to sit down and get comfortable. Sometimes it is like a game of I Spy, but if they are still and quiet and look closely enough,they will see them.

             Can  you  find the frog in each of the following pictures? 

       These frogs are Green Frogs (Rana Clamitans). They are also known as Bronze frog.
You can check out a few more facts about Green frogs and listen to the sound they make here.
If you hear all kinds of sounds at your house, and perhaps they are frog sounds, have a listen here and see if you can identify it.

It is mentioned that Green Frogs are not as wary as many other species of frog. That would explain why they don't hop away when they see little faces peering in at them, or a net coming their way, and why the children can easily catch them with their hands.

Take part in the online Wildlife Watch from the National Wildlife Federation and record the frogs and other species you see in your area. It's easy and it's fun. Above all, have fun connecting with Nature!

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Beth said...

I would love to have a fountain in the back yard one day for attracting wildlife. Frogs are so fun to look for. Did you see any tadpoles yet? love, Beth

Heather said...

We have a space where our concrete meets our grass in our backyard, and we have tons of toads who reside there through the warm months. The boys love as Spring enters and their friends come back to play. It is always fun to watch them knelling quietly, just watching what is going on around them

marcia said...

Hi Beth
No tadpoles in sight. They are either hiding quite well or there are less this year.
My daughter and I have had great fun with the tree frogs from out pool. Each day there were more and more. But now the pool is up and running.

happy day!

marcia said...

Hi Heather
It's so great to have little areas for wildlife in our yards. It doesn't have to be big acreage for one to enjoy nature. I remember as a child sitting on our cememt driveway being queen of all the ant hills and pretending for hours as the ants moved about around me. Childhood is so magical.

happy day !