May 2, 2010


Every season has its gifts to offer us and it is fun to explore, collect what we see, and make a Nature Weaving to adorn our room or porch.

First, find a forked stick, large or small, which should not be hard to do in any wooded area.

Get some yarn, twine, rope or hemp cord and tie one end to the stick.

You can use any color you want. We tend to keep colors somewhat neutral, or nature-y, and let the *finds* be the focal point. And sometimes we will use yellow or green yarn depending upon our mood.

Wrap the yarn back and forth, doubling it around each side to keep it taut. Tie it at the top when finished.

Go exploring and collect nature items and weave them through the twine. We like to start with grasses or a dried flower with a long stem and weave in and out. The more you weave in and out, the more taut it becomes and will easily *hold* objects like acorns and pinecones.

                                    A pretty decoration for the porch, don't you think?

or for inside on the wall
                                                                  ( from Autumn 2009)

We LOVE to make them to showcase our glorious finds from Nature. We have a big one leaning against the wall in the corner of the kitchen with a vacated wasp nest on a Beech tree branch.

Perhaps YOU will want to make a Nature Weaving!
 Please share if you do, we would love to see it!

happy day!


Cheryl said...

I love wild weaving. We do this by making a circle with a bit of willow, weave string across the circle and weave bits of nature in and out of the string. I like the idea of the forked stick. We'll give this a go next time.

Visiting children always enjoy doing this activity.

Michelle said...

Oooh, thank you for sharing this project. I think it is a craft my boys will enjoy.

Everydaywoman said...

Just LOVE your nature weaving! What a fabulous idea, for any season!

twigandtoadstool said...

Oh my goodness...what a fabulous idea...I can't wait to get out there and do this with my kiddo!
(I think it would make a lovely garden decoration...)
in craftiness

softearthart said...

A great project, cheers Marie

Anonymous said...

What a great project! We always have sticks lying about our property, especially during the spring after winter's snow has knocked so many to the ground. I like the fall one that you have done with the brown/dry items. Just a wonderful and easy project for anyone to do.

Thanks for sharing.
The Blue Ridge Gal

Lise said...

I love this idea, and we tried it today (blogged here: The kids loved it!

Luisa said...

That is so cool. A neat way for kids to display their nature treasures. Endless ideas thanks for sharing.

Kimara said...

Love this. What a wonderful way to take crafting out-of-doors. I'll be linking on Facebook. Thanks for sharing.

jen at said...

this is gorgeous and right up our alley! we'll try it out over at soon, and link back to you, of course! thanks for the inspiration! love your blog!

Play for Life said...

Oh boy this is so beautiful. I'm really excited by this and I know my kinder children will embrace this great idea. :) :)

Lynda@kidsinthegarden said...

I saw this on the let the children play blog. It is a great idea. My son has just been to a party in a 18th century landscape park where they had to collect materials to place on a journey stick like the native americans did. Things did keep falling out though. The forked stick will work much better. We will be trying it this weekend

Joanna Davis said...

glad you had fun with our twisted trees :) yours turned out great! Thanks for sharing :) I love this nature to go find 120 Y or V shaped sticks!!!

Marghanita Hughes said...

Love this. What a wonderful craft. I will be doing this activity in my nature classes I run. What an inspiring blog, thank you for sharing. So delighted to have found you. Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Marghanita

Sadie from said...

This is great!!

My son is really ready for a weaving craft ~

Thank you :)