May 11, 2010


It's nearly impossible to keep a child off a tree, but then again, why would you want to?

 And the more children get to be with trees and learn about them, the more connected they become and will care about them and the future.

Have you ever touched a tree blindfolded? 
Give it a try! It's a whole different experience using your other senses.

Did you know a medium size tree can move 25 gallons of water a day through their roots?
In Spring, you can often hear all that going on inside the tree. Have a listen!

What else do you notice about a tree?
Look at the bark, the branches, the buds, the flowers, the leaves, and the roots !

Make a bark rubbing:
Put paper to bark and rub a peeled crayon sideways across the paper.
Instant Tree Art !

Does the tree have any visitors?

What do you like best about trees?

Stay tuned for more Tree activities 

If you stood with your feet in the earth
Up to your ankles in grass
And your arms had leaves running over them
And every once in awhile one of your leafy fingers
Was nudged by a bird flying past,
If the skin that covers you from top to tip
Wasn’t skin at all, but bark
And you never moved your feet from their place
In the earth
But stood rooted in one spot come
Then you would be me:
A tree.
    Kuskin, Karla. 1972     


softearthart said...

I love trees and hug and chat to them, they thank me for my interest, cheers Marie

valarie said...

This is one of the finest tree posts I've ever seen. We are tree people too. We built a treehouse two summers ago, around the tree not in the tree. We have a very old magnolia which finds many children climbing in it. My 17 year old daughter Mimi, went back to our old house last week to climb the tree of her early childhood. She took a leaf to press as a memory. Here's to trees. Have a great day.

marcia said...

Marie, I love that you are a kindred spirit!

Thank you Valarie. That means alot to me. Ohhh I so wish we had a magnolia tree, they are magnificent!

We don't have too many *climbing trees* on our property and in the woodlands much to my daughters dismay.

Precious about your daughter! She could also use that leaf as a stamp and print it on fabric and make a pillow. I did that with curtains, using a myriad of leaves from our yard at our old house.

happy day!