May 20, 2010


The older children were just as eager to make the simple egg craft as the young ones. It just goes to show you we are all creative souls and love to make and create.

We used our organic duck and hen eggs. Can you pick out the duck egg?

We opened the eggs by poking a clean nail in the top to make a hole large enough to allow the insides to slip out and then broke the shell down a bit more with our fingers and the children started drawing faces.

And we saved the luscious, golden yolks for baking.

The egg shells were filled with potting soil and wheat seeds and were watered very gently.

Then we waited  :)

The children can also give their eggs a haircut with scissors.
 And cats love to nibble on wheat grass.

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Valarie said...

We loved to make these. How fun and very cute.