May 9, 2010


 A delightful morning was had with my children and grandbabies on this Mother's Day. They brought love and gifts and made a delicious breakfast.

     We took a short drive to spend time with my mom on this brisk, windy yet sunny day.
I didn't think I would have time for a Sunday stroll today but I noticed new blooms as I passed by in the car and knew I just had to go exploring.

The Linden leaves looked beautiful against the sky

There's more Wisteria to move closer to the house

The pond has swirls of pollen

                                                   Irises are in bloom pondside

                                             The Dogwood tree is flowering

                                                       Pinecones are forming

                                                       New blooms are everywhere

       A Phoebe flew out from under the bridge, where her nest is, and waited until I passed by

The world is so green everywhere I look

With LOVE and thanks to Mother Nature
                                                              We are truly blessed.


Ariella said...

how beautiful! family is a blessing isn't it?
happy mother's day!

softearthart said...

Spring spring, hey ho for spring. cheers Marie

Marcie said...

I have to write this quickly. My internet connection has been coming and going these past few days (mostly "going.") I love the color in your photos this week, but even more so, I enjoyed the rich, varied textures of the images. Just wonderful!