June 24, 2010


Our chicks have grown and are no longer the timid little balls of fluff. They are almost three weeks old and are getting their feathers . . . 

the *top hats* are growing on the Polish chicks . . .

 they are starting to roost on the edge of their box . . . 
  and often venture even further.

and some have decided it to be more comfortable napping on the adjacent windowsill.
 They are so fun to handle and to watch.

Stay tuned for further posts on how wonderful it is to own chickens. . . for children and adults, what exactly it entails, and how easy they are to care for in exchange for the glorious gift of nutrient-rich eggs they provide us. 

 On another topic. . . today my daughter and I have a exciting excursion to Falmouth (on Cape Cod) to finally meet author and illustrator, Sharon Lovejoy, and to attend a fun workshop. She is an inspiration to us all and her glorious  books are  a must have

I follow her blog and consider her a friend even though we haven't actually met in person, until later this morning, that is ! Some people are kindred spirits whom you just *connect* with instantly. I'll keep you posted  :)

happy day!


Unknown said...

Those chicks are cute as can be. If we didn't have 3 very large black Labs that like to chase everything, I'd sure have some in my backyard!

Fadas de Luz said...

Adorei o pintinho fazendo pose para as fotos.

Ariella said...

so adorable!!