June 13, 2010


 The day is cloudy, and the ground is damp with rain. My mood mimics the weather today, a bit somber and  in slow motion, as I still nurse my cold.  It is really a do nothing day, nothing really productive that is,  but obviously the kind of day I need. We all need to take advantage of those days now and then.

The only Stroll that was happening today for me was one to check on the animals. Of course, a brisk walk around the property would have probably been the most beneficial, but I was pulling out the lazy card today.

I think my partner was wondering what was taking me so long.

The horses greeted with their usual nickers and neighs and were probably wondering where I have been all day.

The ducks were pacing the fence, getting ready to fly over, but I was not in the mood to be bitten by male ducks, so I hurried on.
I need not fear though, as my *protector* was at the ready to herd those ducks away should the need arise.

The rabbits were vying for position as they heard my footsteps, always dreaming of the luscious dandelion greens I often pick for them. Today was no exception.

Some of the hens were resting under the pines . . . 
while others were looking for snacks in the grass.

I was finished outdoors and noticed some cool mushrooms on the way to the house.

Inside,the kittens were just waking from a nap.

The rabbit was fine and was just hanging out

And most of the chicks were resting.

 REST? Sounds like a perfect idea :)

 happy day!

Check out who else is strolling today at Aisling's The Quiet Country House !


softearthart said...

I think is is always so important to do just what your body in telling you to do, if you don't, it enforces rest on you, by giving symptoms that just make you "STOP" love and light Marie

Marcie said...

They are all just precious! I am kind of glad you were feeling lazy so we could meet the "gang." :D

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Marcia!
I loved the pics! Just wanted to let you know, I've added you to the guest list! See you then!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design
PS. If you would please disable the word verification for a couple of weeks during the party, it will make leaving comments for you much easier! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the good wishes on the art show!

Loved your stroll today :)

Nice day to just walk about and talk to the animals!


Cheryl said...

I love those quiet strolls. I notice so much more. I'm going to have a look at the other strolls.

Grace said...

Beautiful post and photos. So relaxing to read. And I had a lazy Sunday too!