June 17, 2010


What are ten things bringing you joy right in this moment? ~ SouleMama

Bringing me JOY :

1. the children wearing silk capes and playing explorers
2. a few baby chicks starting to leap to the side of the box and jumping back down
3. the flowers in a myriad of colors blooming outside in the garden
4. the special relationship between daughter #3 and son #2 who went off together today
5. the increasing confidence my 12 yr old has to go with a friend and her family for a fun day today
6. the kindness and thoughtfulness of son #1 who bought a plane ticket for his brother ( son #2) to fly out cross country to have some summer bonding time together
7. that I can work part-time at home with children and love what I do
8. the thoughts of my open air summer creative space and the projects I will start
9. the anticipation of going through my fabric scraps to get back to quilting
10. the fact that daughter #4 is trusting me with the re-do of her room as a surprise

What brings YOU joy right now?


Phyllis said...

I love your list. I particularly love to see how close your family is. It is wonderful to see siblings who are so bonded to each other in love. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Valarie said...

what a fantastic list. I'm so glad you are getting some quality family time. It gets so hard when the "grow-up". We are having a lot of water fun over here and I find many happy and joyous moments in my garden.